Project and Programs

Working with Monel and his team to determine priorities, Haiti's Eden USA is focusing on three key service areas for 2021. 

 Keeping to Eden's mission to witness, love and serve the community, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Eden Board is focusing on building the financial support and local leadership structure for each of these programs over the coming year.

Community Nutrition and Education

  • Eden has seen an increase in the number of families relying on the food pantry throughout 2020. 
  • Joselie reports that it is more difficult to graduate infants from the infant nutrition programs due to increasing financial pressure on families. 
  • Students of all ages need financial support to attend private and public school, as uniform and book costs are not covered by the schools.


Medical Center Expansion, Community Center improvements, Church upkeep

  • The two story addition to the day clinic is nearing completion. To begin operations supplies and furnishings are needed to support the maternity and pediatric care operations. 
  • The solar panel array needs expanded to support the additional facility and overnight care.
  • Capital funds are needed for repairs and maintenance on existing buildings.
  • Additional facilities need expanded to better serve the community.

 Help furnish the expanded Pediatric Center

Operating and Staff Expenses

Haiti's Eden USA provides funds to support the monthly salaries for Monel and Joselie Jules, both now full time at the Eden Clinic and Community Center. Additionally, the monthly operating fund will support the clinic staff and community center staff salaries.

Support the Medical and Community Staff at Haiti's Eden